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Manager, Recruitment (Rhode Island)

Teach for America

Teach for America

Rhode Island, USA
Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024

ROLE: Manager, Recruitment (Rhode Island)

POSITION REPORTS TO: Executive Director, Rhode Island

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, May 24th at 11:59PM EST

LOCATION: Rhode Island


The Recruitment Manager grows and strengthens the movement for educational equity by compelling top leaders to join the Teach For America corps and Ignite Fellowship, particularly in Rhode Island. As a Recruitment Manager, you will execute strategic plans for your campaigns, identify and cultivate diverse top prospects to pursue TFA, and inspire a broad network of constituents to build a large, diverse, and talented corps. This particular role will be charged with actively executing our regional recruitment strategy by serving as the external lead for events, cultivation meetings, campus engagement, and strengthening key partnerships. The RM will work with other members of the RI regional team to identify key pockets of potential in the region, initiate and build campus strategies, and support the crafting of a broader vision for recruiting in universities across the state that takes into account its unique attributes, history, and needs.

The ideal candidate loves to collaborate with others, lead meetings and events, and create enthusiasm for Teach For America among a variety of partners. They demonstrate excitement around building and executing a long-term strategy for campus recruitment throughout Rhode Island. They can naturally build relationships with others and are particularly adept at developing and cultivating partnerships and networks, especially across lines of difference, in order to achieve results. They demonstrate strong interpersonal awareness and deep listening skills to build informed hypotheses of a potential partner’s motivations and barriers and can modify their approach to fit different settings and ensure their messages are tailored to their audience.

As a Recruitment Manager, you will be on the front lines of the Recruitment Team’s (RT) undeniably consequential work, fueling Teach For America’s Theory of Change and the broader movement for social equity across the nation. Aligned with the RT’s deep conviction around leadership, you will receive extensive training, ongoing coaching, and professional development to innovate and achieve success.

The RT keeps equity at the center of our work, as we believe it is essential to assemble a diverse team of recruiters in order to build the most diverse and impactful corps each year, and recognize the stakes and urgency behind doing so. Students of color should have access to teachers who reflect their backgrounds, and we aim to find, cultivate, and develop those teachers to lead in these classrooms, as well as lead systems change, across the country. Additionally, all recruiters consistently engage in personal and professional growth in order to more meaningfully live out our Commitment to DEI, and continue to receive coaching and development to build a stronger lens for equity in all aspects of recruitment work, including pipeline building, communication strategies, team-wide collaboration, and hiring practices.


Primarily responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

Set a vision for recruitment at a subset of campuses (15%)

  • Set and define strategy to achieve recruitment goals for college or professional campaigns.

  • Align on how the campaign will set relevant learning goals, test out ideas, monitor progress and make pivots given their context, vision, and identified team needs.

  • Build strategy for stakeholder engagement and empower key influencers (alumni, corps members, Campus Ambassadors, etc.) to steward the TFA movement and promote a stronger organizational brand within campuses or markets.

  • Work across teams to plan, execute, and improve strategy, using data-based tools to identify gaps, patterns, and opportunities within campaigns and develop solutions to achieve outcomes.

  • Make strong decisions with respect to the Teach For America selection process through all stages of the application funnel.

  • (If applicable) Hire and manage part-time student employees to meet campaign objectives and build awareness of Teach For America and the issue of educational inequity across various campuses.

Build and execute a plan to identify and conduct outreach to candidates who may be a strong fit for the corps (35%)

  • Source diverse leaders and prepare outreach to connect them with Teach For America, based on their potential fit with the organization.

  • Identify campaign levers to explore due to their potential for significant impact (e.g. partnering more closely with the Career Services Office, prioritizing social impact summits, etc.)

  • Communicate through multiple channels with diverse audiences to deliver a compelling, engaging message tailored to their motivations and interests.

  • Initiate relationships with potential network partners and external stakeholders, deepening their knowledge of the Teach For America mission and reinforcing their commitment to the movement for educational equity.

  • Effectively plan and support the execution of events and other initiatives in pursuit of recruitment campaign outcomes.

Execute recruitment strategies to drive applications and steward candidates for the corps through the admissions process through to the first day of school (35%)

  • Identify and build relationships with key stakeholders within a market/campus, including top leaders, faculty, etc.

  • Leverage these stakeholders and work alongside colleagues to plan and execute high-quality events, conduct individual meetings, and utilize other strategies to compel prospective corps members to join Teach For America.

  • Build strong relationships with prospects and individualize on-going cultivation strategies based on the individual’s experience and background to ensure they complete the application process, confirm their acceptance into the corps, deepen their understanding of the root issues of educational inequity in the country, and continue building conviction and investment in the organizational mission.

Lead across the movement (15%)

  • Participate in all staff regional commitments (e.g., selection, matriculation, all corps events, team meetings)

  • Actively participate and seek out experiences that push your perspective along our DEI outcomes

  • Attend and actively engage in professional development conferences and learning groups

  • Adapt to the changing needs of the organization, supporting various initiatives as needed

  • Responsibly steward statewide resources through consistent compliance with all employee policies and expectations policies and expectations


Over the course of any week as the Manager, Recruitment, you will recruit at a college campus or through a nonprofit partner. As part of this work you may attend hiring fairs or recruitment opportunities at college campuses or within our partner districts. You will build relationships with key influencers at local colleges and nonprofits. You may also meet with individual prospects to learn their story and inform them of TFA’s mission and process.

You can think of your work as existing in three domains as a member of both the recruitment and regional team. Please see examples of each domain below:

  • Campus-led brand building and cultivation:

    • This can look like:

  • Build and co-lead a vision and direction for what needs to be true on your campuses in terms of brand and prospect engagement. Then using this vision to assess and adapt throughout the season as you work towards your quantitative and qualitative benchmarks.

  • Strategically planning engagements with students through Handshake and other platforms at a local cafe on the same day as a campus-created career fair (ex: coffee chats or classroom visits)

  • Building relationships with mission-aligned students organizations and attending a student meeting to recruit for Teach For America Rhode Island

  • Regional-led cultivation initiatives:

    • This can look like:

      • Funneling prospects to regionally-led learning tours and classroom visits with corps members as a part of the cultivation strategy

      • Holding cultivation calls and follow-ups with prospects for the Rhode Island region

  • Organization-wide partnership activation

    • This can look like:

      • Internal data quality systems management for select Rhode Island campus lists

      • Collaborating with TFA organization-wide partners like City Year, Breakthrough, etc. on events locally in Rhode Island


Prior Experience

  • Bachelor's degree required

  • Teach For America alumni preferred

  • At least 2 years of professional experience (prior recruitment experience preferred)

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

A strong candidate:

  • Has a strong commitment to Rhode Island and feels passionate about recruiting a diverse corps to support students across the state.

  • Possesses strengths in operating, planning, and execution, and gets energy from the design and facilitation of key strategies (e.g. virtual and in-person events, campus partnerships) to draw prospects towards Teach For America.

  • Displays exceptional attention to detail, along with the ability to manage large volumes of work and juggle multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Naturally builds relationships, and is particularly adept at developing and cultivating partnerships and networks, especially across lines of difference, in order to achieve results.

  • Verbally communicates thoughts and ideas clearly and succinctly, often in a way that captures the attention of the intended audience. They can modify their approach to fit 1:1 meetings, small group discussions, or larger, full-scale events.

  • Always seeks to grow and improve. They reflect on successes/failures, seek feedback, incorporate feedback immediately to improve, ask for the help or resources they need to be successful, and assume personal responsibility.

  • Proactively engages in individual and collective Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) developments, building context, knowledge, and skills to inform a personal vision for DEI growth, individual development goals, and aligned action steps.

Work Demands

  • Weekly (potentially daily) travel will be required. This ranges from week to week, based on the strategy or needs of the time.

  • Ability to travel independently to multiple locations for work throughout the RI area and store/bring items to those locations.

  • Occasional evening and weekend work is required.

  • Ability to lift and transport up to 20 pounds for work purposes.


The applicable salary range for each U.S.-based role is based on where the employee works and is aligned to one of 3 tiers according to a cost of labor index in that geographic area. Starting pay for the successful applicant will depend on a variety of job-related factors, which may include education, training, experience, location, business needs, or market demands. New hires are typically brought into the organization at a salary between the range minimum and the salary range midpoint depending on qualifications, internal equity, and the budgeted amount for the role. The expected salary range for this role are set forth below. This range may be modified in the future.

  • Tier A: $61,300 to $91,900

  • Tier B: $66,800 to $100,200

  • Tier C: $72,300 to $108,400

You can see which Tier you belong to here. If you do not see your location listed, click here for additional total rewards information.


Teach For America’s Recruitment Team (RT) is charged with recruiting a high-quality, diverse, and large corps and cohort of Ignite Fellows that fuel the broader movement towards educational equity across our placement regions. In this pursuit, the Recruitment Team engages with leaders across college campuses and professional career sectors to discuss the challenges of educational inequity in the nation and inspire them to choose the corps as a means of expanding opportunities for kids and building a long-term commitment to social equity. Teach For America’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness is reflected in all aspects of our work and culture, as we actively seek to de-center aspects of white dominant culture and traditional archetypes of “strong” recruiters. The RT seeks to ensure all team-wide actions and initiatives reflect this lens of equity, and ultimately support team members to lean into their own strengths and passions as they seek to build a truly diverse corps.


In lieu of a Cover Letter, please respond to this prompt in 1-2 typed pages and share with RTStaffing@teachforamerica.org:

Our most successful Recruitment Managers (RMs) have demonstrated strong achievement in their professional experience prior to taking on the RM position. Please describe the most ambitious goal you have ever set and achieved, and what actions you took to attain it. How did you engage others, if at all, to reach this goal? What challenges, if any, did you encounter while working towards your goal?

Your response should include all of the following:

  • A professional experience supporting/leading a small group, large group, or complex project

  • Explicitly state the goal you were working towards

  • The action steps you took to achieve this goal

  • How you involved diverse perspectives and/or invested partners (e.g. colleagues, administration, parents, etc.) to help you to achieve this goal

  • Quantitative results that demonstrate your impact AND

  • Qualitative results that demonstrate your impact

We have provided some “sentence starters” below to help guide your thinking. You can choose to leverage these sentences as you write your reflections, or you can write something entirely different! Both methods are encouraged: we want to get the most accurate information about your record of results as possible.

  • At the beginning of the year, I set a classroom goal of X

  • I set this/these goal(s) because of <X, Y, Z reasons>

  • We achieved <Y results>. I know this because of <X, Y, and Z>.

  • In addition to quantitative targets, I set a qualitative goal(s) of X