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Temp - Manager, Local Recruitment & Matriculation

Teach for America

Teach for America

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Baltimore, MD, USA
Posted on Thursday, February 8, 2024

TEAM: Baltimore Regional Team

REPORTS TO: Managing Director, Partnerships

LOCATION: Baltimore, MD

*Note that this is a short term role from March 1st through May 31st 2024


Teach For America Baltimore seeks a Temp Director, Local Recruitment who will drive local recruitment campaign outcomes, deepen prospect and stakeholder conviction, and improve campus or market brand across the State of Maryland.

The Director, Local Recruitment will be charged with carrying out the regional recruitment vision for, and leading the execution of, our regional recruitment projects throughout the third and fourth quarter of the fiscal year. The intent of these projects will vary, but will primarily focus on sourcing and supporting local seniors and juniors throughout the application process. The Temp-Director, Local Recruitment will research and understand campus context, internalizing the regional team’s long-term vision for regional recruitment and the growth of our local impact.

They will identify, cultivate, connect, and galvanize top prospects and stakeholders to act, and leverage internal resources and teams (Early Engagement, Base Mobilization, Ambassadors, etc.) to maximize impact as they build a large, diverse, and talented corps. They will analyze pipeline health, partner with the national Recruitment Team, and other mission aligned organizations to determine, generate, and engage potential applicants.

The ideal candidate demonstrates an exceptional learning orientation, as well as an eagerness to lead strategy and build a contextualized vision for success. They demonstrate strong lateral and direct management abilities, and are excellent relationship builders. They are excited to innovate, and see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. They are flexible, adaptable, and have the ability to quickly pivot on strategies when they see that they are ineffective. Additionally, they are able to operate with a high degree of autonomy, particularly in taking on the planning and execution of key projects, as well as making informed decisions on what strategies they need to execute (marketing strategies, alumni engagement, etc.) to optimize campaign impact.


An individual in this role will utilize the following skills and execute the following responsibilities:

  • Setting Vision & Direction: (10%)

    Internalize the long-term vision for a campaign’s recruitment strategy, reflecting a thorough understanding of our region’s landscape, history, brand story, and its strengths and areas of opportunity. Collaborate with National RT partners to create a local recruitment calendar with aligned outcomes, including qualitative goals related to brand development, essential learnings, etc.

  • Building Relationships and Networks: (30%)

    Identify and engage key stakeholders within a market/campus, including top leaders, faculty, organizational leaders, etc. Ideate strategies to invest and galvanize them to execute influencer strategy and build a more favorable campus landscape.

    Drive collective action by matching the strengths and assets of accepted applicants, Ambassadors, current corps members, staff members, and alumni to opportunities where they can optimize their influence in a campaign, whether by connecting directly with prospects, leading events, or making pivotal connections.

    Explore strategies for strengthening the Teach For America brand by establishing clear quantitative (e.g. spontaneous applications) or qualitative (e.g. survey of brand favorability) measures of success, and then attempting pilots or initiatives that the campaign can learn from in order to ultimately reach these targets.

    Leverage campus knowledge to inform partnerships with internal RT and org-wide teams (such as Early Engagement, Marketing, Pre-Corps Development, etc.), by identifying the most effective use for their resources, initiatives or pilots.

    Model, mentor and support teammates in their own personal/professional growth, including in DEI development.

  • Influencing Others to Achieve Outcomes: (30%)

    Compel prospects and registrants to join our movement, from the submission of their application to confirmation of the offer, using a series of quality, tailored touchpoints that include appropriate RT messaging, incorporate centralized levers and influencers, and reflect a high degree of interpersonal awareness. Tailor and individualize on-going cultivation based on registrant/prospect profile and personal relationship to ensure they confirm acceptance and continue building conviction and investment in the TFA mission.

    Collaborate with and laterally manage team members (Recruitment Managers, central team members) to create compelling prospect journeys, including planning and executing events and immersive experiences that reflect the core prospect beliefs, pull prospects towards Teach For America, steadily deepen their investment in the mission, and improve the overall brand health of the campaign.

  • Reasoning and Strategic Thinking: (10%)

    Conduct analysis: Gather quantitative and qualitative data from influence and leads acquisition strategies and events to build an increased understanding of motivations and barriers or our target audience, leading to improved, more precise identification of top talent in the professional market and a better assessment of the resources needed to design the ideal prospect journey for local applicants.

    Continuously leverage learning results from successes and failures that are conclusive, specific, and evidence-based to make pivots for influence strategies and to inform broader team-wide innovation

    Troubleshoot major challenges/opportunities, using data to hypothesize why influence strategies or key levers were successful/unsuccessful, what pivots can be made to improve, which initiatives to expand or abandon, and what other actions need to be prioritized

  • Operating, Planning and Executing: (10%)

    Develop and execute a plan for reaching outcomes by defining the most effective strategies and actions, investing and maximizing team of recruiters, temps, interns, and others to complete those tasks, and monitoring execution.

    Organize and maximize the use of existing resources and various internal teams (L&D, Marketing, Strategic Initiatives) in planning to promote integration, maximize impact and optimize the strengths of the RT

    Lead the design, execution, and overall operations (e.g. reporting, dashboards, pipeline analysis) for campaign projects through exemplary attention to detail and by prioritizing, benchmarking and distributing the work among the team, including recruiters and interns.

  • Learning and Continuously Improving: (10%)

    Reflect upon, learn from, and consistently iterate on innovative strategies for owned campaigns and for project leadership, based on quantitative and qualitative data and the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of various initiatives, resources or pilots.

    Synthesize and ensure the key learnings from project leadership contribute to RT or tier-wide strategy,

    Continuously reflect on the quality of personal execution and mindsets towards innovation, identifying areas to grow and recognizing strengths in innovating.

    Actively incorporate learning that reflects a stronger understanding of campus or market dynamics into strategy and knowledge-capture, which in turn makes each successive initiative better informed and more likely to succeed.


Prior Experience

  • Previous recruitment experience strongly preferred

  • Teach For America alumni (particularly from Baltimore ) preferred or current corps member

  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively and with cultural competence across diverse groups

  • Willingness to occasionally work from the TFA Baltimore regional office and execute local recruitment events across the the Baltimore Metropolitan area

  • Strong analysis skills, as well as strengths in verbal and written communication, for prospect-facing and external facing relationship building

  • Comfortable working with Excel and Google Docs

This job is no longer accepting applications

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