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Network Engagement Intern



Arlington, VA, USA
Posted on Friday, December 3, 2021


Position at Ashoka

About Ashoka

Ashoka’s vision is an Everyone a Changemaker world, where every person - and young person in particular - has the confidence, ability, and support to become a changemaker for the good of all. In a world defined by rapid change, interconnectedness and uncertainty, and where social problems are deep and urgent, changemaking must become the new literacy.

Such a shift is significant and will require a movement that fundamentally re-examines how young people grow up and learn - in and out of school - and how we see and support them today as change agents. It will require more than any specific curriculum or skill set, but rather a new mindset and new priorities.

Our Theory of Change

Much like what we did with the field of social entrepreneurship, we are seeking to drive a mindset shift in society by helping people see differently. To do this, we are taking collective action with powerful players in education, government, and media who are equally dedicated to our Everyone a Changemaker vision. We cannot reach every child ourselves, but by activating a carefully selected cross-cutting network of collaborators, we can set in motion an irreversible shift towards a future where everyone understands that empathy and changemaking are essential to a child’s success in growing up.

The Role

The Network Engagement Intern is a global role that will contribute to enhancing the Everyone a Changemaker (EACH) movement. Working alongside Ashokans from all around the world, the Network Engagement Intern will support teams to design and implement a global peer-to-peer network that accelerates the movement. This Intern will also help Ashoka establish strategic institutional partnerships.

Role and Responsibilities

The key focus of the role is supporting the development of Network Engagement Journeys via Partnership Development. You will work with a global team to help prototype, develop and operationalize a global strategy to connect changemakers towards an Everyone a Changemaker World.

Other responsibilities may include:

  • Industry and Partner Mapping: research and map relevant industry groups (schools of education, media, government, publishers, unions) to identify and develop prospective partners and individuals for collaboration

  • Action Research: formulate and test hypotheses through ‘experiments’ and co-developed programs across Ashoka
  • Systematization and Knowledge Management: build and refine tools to capture, synthesize and share knowledge with Ashoka and beyond
  • Rapid prototype and testing

  • Platform design and evaluation and recommendation
  • Conceptual thinking around social networks and deep familiarity with social platforms

  • Visual representation of conceptual and practical ideas

You will also support strategic engagements with Schools of Education, Unions of Teachers, Media Companies, Publishing Companies, Publishing Companies and other partners.

What You’ll Get

You’ll build on your strengths, gain new skills and rapidly expand your network. You will receive exceptional training and frequent coaching and mentoring from colleagues on your team. You will get a rare opportunity to work directly with highest level industry leaders around the world and build expertise in conceptualization and managing high-level strategic engagements. Best of all, you will have the opportunity to work on shaping the future and realizing the Everyone a Changemaker vision.


Ashoka team members are entrepreneurial, ethical individuals who are willing and able to work in a number of different capacities. They can navigate detail-oriented tasks as well as big picture thinking.

  • Highly conceptual and analytical
  • Entrepreneurial and creative
  • Quick learner; not afraid to dive into new methodologies/ frameworks
  • Organized; excellent note-taking and information management skills
  • Able to work independently in a creative, collaborative environment
  • Graphic design skills preferred, but not required

Compensation: This is an unpaid internship.

Dates: December 15th - March 30th

Location: Remote