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Global Chapters Leader



Arlington, VA, USA
Posted on Monday, March 25, 2024


Position at Ashoka

The Leadership Role
Ashoka is looking for an extraordinary leader to build such chapters in every major metro area.
  • The leadership required for chapter building involves a very clear understanding of -- and the ability and will to communicate -- the role and importance of chapters in the world’s major movements and the roles Ashoka needs them to play at this moment in history and, more specifically, in the flow of collaborative entrepreneurship jujitsu (CEJ) thrusts.
  • The chapter leader must develop a system that can be easily replicated and managed for finding the right senior leaders in a community and then helping them succeed. This requires almost instant quick successes followed by big successes within six months. This is necessary not only for the leaders but for their energizing and exciting and getting the commitment of others that they and Ashoka need.
  • The leader and their team then must work with the chapters for each to develop the bridges that are going to be most valuable for their community, for the chapter members, and for the global and local “everyone a changemaker” movement.
  • The program’s leadership will also have to develop a carefully-crafted engagement path to help each leadership group and chapter, in very differing circumstances, succeed.
The chapter leader must be one of Ashoka’s most brilliant at envisioning how all the elements of the movement must come together (in ever-changing, synergy-maximizing teams of teams) and then at enabling this to happen in fact in the world’s metro areas - the frontiers of change and now the main stage.
Key oversight will include:
  1. Messaging: Ensuring that Ashoka’s narrative leads with the Everyone a Changemakerframework and engages high level business entrepreneurs as Ashoka partners. Share and create stories that help them realize that Everyone a Changemaker vision is their mission too.
  2. Selection: Establish the selection criteria and process for nominating, evaluating and inviting high level community leaders to participate.
  3. Engagement: Ideate, specify and implement innovative mutually beneficial products and services to ensure long term engagement and connection between high level business entrepreneurs and our leading network of social entrepreneurs and changemakers.
  4. Development: Achieve agreed upon milestones in terms of participants, revenues and integration with Ashoka’s mission, vision and overall strategy.
  5. Digital: Engage with internal teams to ensure Ashoka’s web and social media properties align with and drive strategic relationships. Innovate ways for Ashoka to further develop a digital presence and brand.