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Framework Change and Communications Leader, Ashoka North America



Marketing & Communications
Arlington, VA, USA
Posted on Friday, October 30, 2020


Position at Ashoka

Ashoka is seeking an entrepreneurial and creative regional communications leader with experience in generating widespread change in an area of focus. The regional communications team together with the global communications leader will transform how Ashoka North America engages with the world. The right candidate will:

  • Create a strategic communications architecture for North America,
  • Establish strong media relationships,
  • Identify opportunities to partner with aligned actors, and to raise the level of awareness of Ashoka and the Everyone a Changemaker vision,
  • Build a regional communications team and nurture communications staff talent.

Key achievements will include:
  • Developing a regional/global storytelling movement that encourages the sharing of stories of exemplary “new game” behavior, including breaking down walls between sectors to form problem-solving partnerships, the transformation of passive victims and onlookers into active changemakers, and a systems approach to solution development.
  • Messaging: Ensure Ashoka’s narrative leads with our vision and empowers our community of partners. Share and create stories that show, not just tell, the shift towards citizen and youth agency.
  • Movement Marketing: Lead our efforts to build cohesive and leveraged approaches with movement partners to advance framework change initiatives such as Lead Young, and Everyone a Changemaker. Work with teams globally to ensure effectiveness and consistency.
  • Press: Launch, nurture, and guide media partnership strategy aligned with Ashoka’s strategy. Cultivate key influencers, media, and publishers.
  • Digital: Ensure Ashoka’s web and social media properties align with and drive strategic messaging. Innovate ways for Ashoka to further develop a digital presence and brand.
  • Raising resources to support and build the storytelling movement with partners.

Ashoka’s hiring criteria:

ENTREPRENEURSHIP/INTRAPRENEURSHIP: Demonstrate a track record of taking creative initiative and ownership (e.g., founding an organization or company, starting a movement, or re-shaping the work of an existing organization).
UNDERSTAND DEEPLY THE VISION OF AN EVERYONE A CHANGEMAKER FUTURE: Understand and articulate Ashoka’s vision; have a broad and inquisitive intellect, and thinking pattern that connects the dots between historical trends and the current social context.
EMOTIONAL AND SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE: Demonstrate the ability to work efficiently and respectfully in teams.
ETHICAL FIBER: Posses exceptionally strong ethical behavior.
SELF DEFINITION: Assume that changing the world in big ways is what you will do in life.
  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience