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Youth Years Leader, North America



Arlington, VA, USA
Posted on Friday, June 26, 2020


Position at Ashoka

Youth Years Leader, Ashoka North America

The Opportunity

Ashoka’s vision is of an Everyone a Changemaker society, where every person — and young people in particular — have the confidence, ability, and support to be changemakers for the good of all. In a world defined by rapid change, interconnectedness and uncertainty, and where our social problems are deep and urgent, changemaking must become the new literacy. Such a shift is significant and will require a movement that fundamentally re-examines how young people grow up and learn — in and out of school — and how we see and support them today as change agents. It will require more than any specific curriculum or skill set, but rather a new mindset and new priorities.

The role of “Youth Years Leader” is focused on making sure that every young person self-actualizes as a changemaker. Ashoka is unleashing demand for these important 21st century skills of empathy, teamwork, new leadership, and changemaking in households and schools across the nation. To do this we have mobilized Ashoka Fellows across North America and strategic partners across many sectors. The directive of this network is to create a fundamental shift where becoming a changemaker is as valuable as learning to read and write.

How? Our Theory of Change

Ashoka is not setting out to teach every child changemaking skills. Instead Ashoka is committed to act as a catalyst focused on creating a movement with partners such that demand for changemaking skills will grow rapidly. Much like what we did with the field of social entrepreneurship, we are seeking to drive this mindset shift in society by helping people see differently. We intend to work with co-creators (Ashoka Fellows and other leaders) to influence key actors including, parents, schools, governments, media, and companies to see why changemaking skills are key for their children to succeed and contribute effectively in society. It will open opportunities to change how we parent, what we teach our children, what stories media puts out into the world, how we hire, organize, or report success.

Metrics include – Do other key influencers now say changemaking skills are key? Are more parents prioritizing changemaking skills for their children? Are schools or governments now using pedagogy and curriculum to instill changemaking skills in teachers/children? Are companies looking to hire changemakers? Are big media platforms writing about changemaking? Requirements:

As the Youth Years Leader, you must have:

  • launched an led your own business or organization and have a proven track record of significantly scaling social impact
  • a history of creating new ideas, bringing them to fruition, and creating systemic change in a given field
  • experience working with and/or managing programs centered around furthering changemaking
  • demonstrated effectiveness in forming and growing major partnerships
  • experience in mobilizing networks that cut across sectors
  • raised significant funding
  • a minimum of 10 years’ experience