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Ashoka - Empathy Leader - Indonesia



Jakarta, Indonesia
Posted on Monday, January 13, 2020


Position at Ashoka

Everyone A Changemaker

Empathy Movement Leader, Indonesia/ SE Asia

Ashoka is on an audacious mission – to create a world where everyone is a changemaker i.e. a

world where everyone has the agency and skills to make a posiꢀve change in their families,

communiꢀes, and at work. Empathy skills (which can be learned and improved) are foundaꢀonal

to building an Everyone A Changemaker movement.

Historic Moment

All of us are facing a historic moment. For generaꢀons, society has followed a siloed, hierarchical

approach to solving challenges and has been defined by repeꢀꢀve efficiency (think assembly line).

But this approach is falling short when it comes to the number and complexity of the shared

problems we now face. So a new game is taking shape – one where change is the norm, and

where the most open, fluid systems and teams thrive. In this game the rules are different (in fact

they are sꢀll being created!) but one is paramount: everyone can and must be able to play, and to

drive posiꢀve change. This is the ‘Everyone A Changemaker’ vision that Ashoka is working toward

and it is our best hope for building a world where problems no longer outrun soluꢀons.

Ashoka is unleashing demand for empathy as a 21st century skill. Our Global Empathy Iniꢀaꢀve

and our Everyone A Changemaker collaboraꢀons have mobilized a powerful group of social

entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows), schools (Ashoka Changemaker Schools), media thought leaders,

and other partners to drive a fundamental shiꢁ in children’s educaꢀon and youth years.

We are looking for an extraordinary entrepreneur to lead the Empathy work for Indonesia and

eventually for Southeast Asia.


Lead, grow, and collaborate with partners and Ashoka’s teams to co-create the Everyone A

Changemaker Movement in Indonesia as part of a collaboraꢀve global movement.

Culꢀvate working relaꢀonships with educaꢀon entrepreneurs, schools ecosystems, teacher

training insꢀtuꢀons, teachers’ organizaꢀons, government agencies, media influencers,

parents networks, youth organizaꢀons, and other strategic partners.

Advance strategies with partners which lead to powerful examples and measurable

increases in changemaking skills throughout Indonesian society --- especially but not only

among youth, parents, and educators.

Design and lead systems to unleash compelling insights from Ashoka Fellow innovaꢀons

(Our Global Empathy Iniꢀaꢀve mobilizes a powerful group of players to make empathy a

priority skill for all children; “Every child must master empathy and changemaking” is

Work with Ashoka’s CEO, Asia regional leaders, and other senior stakeholders to build in the

region an integrated, fluid team of teams by weaving together Ashoka Fellows, and carefully

selected movement partners.

Raise resources, pioneer new revenue models, and garner strategic support to help make

“Every child must master Empathy and Changemaking” the new normal.


The Empathy Movement Leader should have a track record of creaꢀng new ideas that have

resulted in a systemic change in his/her field. He/she should believe deeply in the power of social

entrepreneurship and understand Ashoka’s Everyone a Changemaker™ vision.

Experience working with and/or managing programs centered around furthering empathy,

and/or changemaking

Networks which cut across sectors (such as educaꢀon, NGO, government, commercial, etc)

A track record of innovaꢀng soluꢀons and successfully bringing them to fruiꢀon

Experience in significantly scaling the social impact of organizaꢀons

Proven ability to lead through influence, ideas, and excepꢀonal communicaꢀon skills

Demonstrated effecꢀveness in major client/partner relaꢀonship management, fundraising,

resource mobilizaꢀon, and balanced budget management

Gracious team player and emoꢀonal maturity

Indonesian naꢀonality

Fluency in Bahasa Indonesian

Fluency in English

Minimum 10 years’ experience

About Ashoka Indonesia

Ashoka Indonesia launched in 1984, as the second country office aꢁer India. Since then, it has

elected and supported more than 180 leading social entrepreneurs in the fields of educaꢀon,

health, human rights, civic engagement, environment and economic development. Ashoka

Indonesia works with other social networks, schools, universiꢀes and companies to accelerate

the field of social entrepreneurship and social impact. Through Ashoka's Young Changemakers

program, Ashoka has supported more than 150 young people (12-25 years old) to develop their

changemaking skills through applied empathy, teamwork, and leadership. Through Ashoka's

Changemakers.com plaꢂorm, Ashoka has worked on themaꢀc social innovaꢀon challenges to

pool and connect people, ideas and resources in 300 different projects.

Contact Details

If you are moꢀvated to improve Indonesian society and Southeast Asia through this important

role, please send a cover leꢃer and your CV to Nok Nikeu ([email protected])