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Managing Director, Leadership Development-Massachusetts

Teach for America

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Massachusetts, USA
Posted on Saturday, January 13, 2024

Job Title: Managing Director, Leadership Development (MD, LD)

Job Description

TEAM: Corps Member and Alumni Leadership Development

REPORTS TO: Alexa Brunton Crew, SMD, Leadership Development AND Piel Hollingsworth, SMD, Network Learning and School Partnership

LOCATION: Must be located in Greater Boston, MA area


As MD, Leadership Development, you will be the primary success partner for ensuring that a cohort of CMs (30-35)and incoming CMs (10-15) are positioned to access what they need in order to impact our 10-year goal, and enter alumnihood with a clear vision for how they can continue to contribute to One Day from the matriculation phase through their two year commitment. You will lead the development of an individualized and customized plan of support for each corps member, drawing on their strengths, interests, and needs to propel them towards exceptional results with their students in their classrooms. In partnership with your Regional Point(s) of Contact, broader regional team(s), and fellow MD,LDs you will work to steward progress towards the 2030 goal in-region by ensuring that each participant can navigate through their ecosystem of support receiving a standardized, customized, and personalized experience.

As the primary relationship holder with corps members, you will steward CMs through confirmation and matriculation, working closely with the region’s MD, Matriculation Generalist as they support incoming corps members through the logistics of matriculation and onboarding. During Pre-Service you will steward the corps members and cohort experience by leading community gatherings, facilitating coaching spaces, and working alongside your regional team(s) and national partners to design and execute the practicum experience. During their corps experience, you will work with each corps member to evaluate inputs to assess root causes, connect them to specific people and resources to address needed learning and growth, support them in making sense of both their ecosystem of support and their broader experience, and overall serve as an executive and leadership coach to each of them.

The ideal candidate is passionate about supporting corps members to achieve strong results with students through building relationships, making connections to people and resources, supporting reflection and data-informed decisions, and analyzing student learning to determine recommended supports in service of driving continual learning and improvement. You enjoy being a partner and guide in the vast ecosystem supporting corps members. You have a systems-level understanding of the moving pieces and the critical thinking skills to help them navigate the ecosystem to maximize learning. You are experienced with leadership coaching and are confident advising adults.


In this role you will:


  • Manage the relationship and retention of CMs from Matriculation to Alumnihood

    • Deeply know each participants' experience, goals and potential barriers to completion

  • Set the vision and direction for a portfolio of approximately 45 participants by serving as primary relationship holder, sense-making partner, connector, and leadership coach through each phase of their journey.

  • Maintain a deep understanding of all supports available to CMs in their regions, their placement community, CM wellness resources, external instructional supports, and their alignment to the CM Roadmap for Development.

  • Connect CMs to appropriate resources, based on individual CM needs and development plans.

  • Be able to apply knowledge of participant policies and procedures to navigate CM concerns and de-escalate risk. This includes drafting, managing and executing improvement plans, seeking consultation from internal partners (SMD, LD, CMPP, National Mental Health Consultant, Legal Affairs, regional point of contact, etc) when barriers or incidents arise with participants relative to their experience, impact, and/or retention

  • Steward corps members through TFA Massachusetts’ Approved Educator Preparation Program during their two years in the corps; including facilitating the CAP process for second-year corps members in your cohort.

  • Build and foster relationships with school partners in order to drive towards TFA Massachusetts’ 2030 goal and strategic plan alongside the Massachusetts regional team.

  • Participate in select regional staff events (retreats, staff meetings, regional corps member events, etc)

Additional Details:

Matriculation (20%)

  • Serve as the primary success partner to assigned matriculants with the goal of helping each matriculant understand the regional context, feel connected to the region and organization, and successfully matriculate.

  • Work in conjunction with the MD, Matriculation Generalist to ensure incoming corps members can make sense of required action items, understand who to go to for what, and have the information they need to confidently join the corps.

    • When needed: Track confirmation and onboarding progress and/or communications updates in appropriate tracker, ex: unique circumstances, any information we need to know to manage them through the onboarding process.

  • Partner with your region(s) to execute a placement strategy that accelerates us toward the 10 year goal; seek and secure placement opportunities aligned to that strategy, and do what is needed to ensure ICMs are set up for success.

    • Examples include: interview prep, strategic connections to schools/interviews, scheduling, etc. (paperwork/materials submissions needed to qualify for an interview handled by MD, Matriculation Generalist).

  • In conjunction with MD, Matriculation Generalist, analyze inputs to identify key trends and adjust strategies between each confirmation window to ensure we’re matriculating the maximum number of corps members to your region(s), in alignment with the placement strategy.

Pre-Service (10%)

  • In conjunction with the Regional Point(s) of Contact, undergo a rigorous process to determine a location for pre-service practicum that is best aligned with the regional strategy.

    • Once determined, support the Leadership Development-Operations team in planning and execution of in-person practicum.

  • Facilitate regional community building, support CMs to make sense of their experience and the ecosystem of supports around them, and provide ongoing support to CMs in determining strengths, areas for improvement, and root causes for identified issues to strategically connect CMs with the most relevant supports.

In-Service (50%)

  • Partner with each corps member to develop an individualized coaching and support plan involving determining strengths, areas for improvement, and root causes for identified issues to strategically connect CMs with most relevant supports (including additional classroom observations as needed).

  • Evaluate CM teaching practice with the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) through in-person or virtual classroom observations.

    • Complete CLASS certification prior to the first CLASS observation (training provided by TFA).

    • Implement CLASS assessment for all CMs in prek-grade 3 classrooms.

    • Support the development of the revised CLASS 2025 tool for prek-grade 12.

  • Support CM to make meaning of their CLASS scores in connection to prioritized actions to take to improve their practice.

    • Help CMs develop an understanding of what their CLASS scores mean.

    • Support CM leadership development in utilizing the CLASS to reflect on their impact and continuously increase their effectiveness.

    • Connect CM to resources across the ecosystem of support in alignment to the areas of strength and areas of growth surfaced through their CLASS scores.

  • Support CMs in the implementation and sense making of Cultivate and/or other student surveys.

    • Attend staff training and facilitate CM sessions aligned to the student surveys.

  • Maintain school-based relationships to steward partnership, elevate needs, and support retention efforts.

  • Analyze trends in learning and support needs across CMs experiences in order to communicate with those building group learning experiences, and play a role in designing and implementing the Equity Driven Teaching & Learning Summits

  • Partner with our external instructional coaches, local principals and local instructional supports to create individualized plans for CMs.

AmeriCorps (10%)

  • As needed and directed by the Manager, Leadership Development-Operations (M,LD-Ops), follow-up with incoming CMs and current CMs to complete AmeriCorps action items.

  • Monitor CMs enrolled in AmeriCorps on AmeriCorps requirements; as needed, inform principals of requirements.

  • Complete AmeriCorps evaluations at the middle and end of the program year; as needed, and help secure principal forms. Support documentation collection processes for status changes.

Other (10%)

  • Serve as an “all hands on deck” team member willing to support your program team in various ways as needs and opportunities arise including selection.

  • Engage in diversity, equity, and inclusion conversations for ongoing personal reflection and learning, acknowledging that we are never done learning and growing.

  • Complete general administrative responsibilities accurately and on time.


Minimum Qualifications

  • 5+ years work experience, including at least 2 years classroom teaching experience

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • Willing to work flexible hours with some nights and weekends

  • Certification: Complete CLASS certification prior to the first CLASS observation (training provided by TFA), hold an executive coaching certification, or be willing to acquire one (at TFA’s expense) in the first year of the role.

Preferred Qualifications

  • 7+ years experience, with specific experience in leadership coaching and/or leading adults

  • Experience coaching and advising capable and competent leaders through complex challenges towards impact.

  • A track record of getting results while managing multiple large-scale projects simultaneously

Skills & Orientations:

  • Deep commitment to being an anti-racist leader through grounding in our commitment to diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion

  • Deep investment in Teach For America’s core values and mission

  • Belief that there is a place for both standard and customized approaches to supporting CMs across our enterprise

  • Love of thinking across the enterprise and considering multiple levers and ways of operating that benefit multiple regions, not just one - feeling “on the hook” for success in all regions

    • a belief that the focus is not only on the success of the region (or group of regions) you support, but that we are on the hook for the success of the organization at large

  • High skill and orientation towards managing up. (thinking specifically about the need to be explicit with two different managers on their needs, questions, etc)

  • Have energy for/get joy from supporting CMs in their ability to determine and assess what they need to succeed vs nitty gritty instructional coaching

  • Desire to be on the hook for ensuring each candidate has the strongest possible offer and work with your team to identify needs, address them, and be responsible for changes

  • Strength in critical problem solving such that your manager is a thought partner, not a problem solver and you can plan independently and at a high level with baseline information (templates/examples not needed)

  • High willingness to leave many components of past programming behind and adopt something new

  • Exceptional relationship builder with CMs and school leaders and external partners

  • Deep commitment to being an anti-racist leader and building these orientations among your corps member cohort, grounded in our commitment to diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills - with orientation to proactive communications with managers about progress and potential areas of concern

  • Strong sense of self-awareness and understanding of strengths and areas for development

  • Skilled in creating and upholding accountability practices to ensure enterprise success

  • Skilled in conducting needs assessments, analyzing complex landscapes, and deriving a set of strategic levers to support prioritized needs

  • Demonstrated ability to:

    • work with a significant level of autonomy, and make strategic decisions in varying and nuanced situations

    • develop and cultivate effective relationships with diverse internal and external stakeholders and support them in contributing to a shared goal

    • listen, learn, and earn credibility with all constituencies, then decisively move forward to implement agreed-upon solutions

    • manage multiple priorities, prioritize effectively, and alternate fluidly between thinking about the big picture and executing on specific strategies


As a Managing Director, Leadership Development, you will be a member of both the Teach For America Program team and of the region(s) you support. The Program Team is responsible for defining the type of systems-change leadership required to reach “One Day” and how to best develop that leadership through the act of teaching. We provide, develop, and or connect people to resources and experiences of superior quality, relevance, and efficiency that empower and support regions in optimally developing leadership through the act of teaching in ways that can be adapted to their specific contexts. As a result, our teachers are more likely to feel part of a connected and thriving community, increasingly achieve meaningful and enduring impact, and commit to systems-change leadership in their work for educational equity.


The applicable salary range for each U.S.-based role is based on where the employee works and is aligned to one of 3 tiers according to a cost of labor index in that geographic area. Starting pay for the successful applicant will depend on a variety of job-related factors, which may include education, training, experience, location, business needs, or market demands. New hires are typically brought into the organization at a salary between the range minimum and the salary range midpoint depending on qualifications, internal equity, and the budgeted amount for the role. The expected salary range for this role are set forth below. These ranges may be modified in the future.

  • Tier A: $93,300- $134,800

  • Tier B: $101,700- $146,900

  • Tier C: $110,000-$141,900

You can view which tier applies to where you plan to work here. If your location is not listed, please click here for additional total rewards information.

Note: This job description is intended to provide a general overview of the position and does not encompass all responsibilities and duties. The responsibilities and qualifications mentioned are subject to change based on organizational needs and management discretion.

This job is no longer accepting applications

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